enaBLe Network

Our aims

Our aims

To educate, showcase and understand:

  • How we can ensure we are disability smart in all our decisions.
  • How we can ensure we deliver excellent customer service to all our customers.
  • How to provide opportunities for all abilities.
  • The challenges of living and working with a hidden disability.
  • How we can include people with cognitive or learning disability.

Our achievements

In September 2021 British Land was awarded the  ‘Disability Smart Accreditation’ from the Business Disability Forum - the first organisation within the Real Estate sector to gain this recognition. This award is only given to organisations who can demonstrate that disability inclusion is an integral part of their company culture and processes.

Rewritten our ‘Disabled Worker and Workplace Adjustments policy’ making it much easier for our people to have access to suitable adjustments and have introduced a ‘Tailor Adjustment Plan’ acting as a passport of adjustments for the individual throughout their career journey

Our Line Managers have been given extra training and so we now have a key group of leaders who are better equipped to create a safe environment where their team members can talk about their workplace needs and preferences.

Introduced ‘Hidden Disability Sunflower training’ with more than 150 people working on the front line of our shopping centres and office campuses having successfully completed the course.

We have created a customer advocacy group called ‘Access for All’ with 35 members to share knowledge and ideas to help improve customer experience.

Partnerships with organisations local to our places such as Support Dogs in Sheffield and Pursuing Independent Paths in London enable us to not only support these organisations financially through donations, but to also create opportunities for work experience and independent skills training.

Celebrating ability

We believe that no-one should ever feel dis-abled.

Leanne Williams,
Chair, enaBLe Network

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