REACH Network

Reach network


REACH stands for Race, Equality and Celebrating Heritage. The network was rebranded in 2019 to increase the wellbeing and success of BAME employees at British Land and to support, celebrate and encourage ethnic minority employees.

REACH contributes by tapping into the unique perspectives, skills and experiences that BAME employees bring. The support and encouragement from leadership demonstrates British Land's commitment to social responsibility.


Our aims

  • Build a strong support network for ethnic minorities employed at British Land
  • Promote career advancement for ethnic minorities employed at British Land through various initiates
  • Inform on and celebrate diversity
  • Increase British Land's visibility as an employer of choice for ethnic minorities
  • Lobby and support the business in promoting diversity and inclusion

"At British land, diversity and inclusion are critical elements of our culture and values. Our diverse range of skills, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives provide valuable insights that drive new ways of thinking and innovation. The REACH network plays an integral role in ensuring British land remains an inclusive employer that attracts, develops and retains the best talent, regardless of race or ethnicity. We strive to cultivate an environment where all colleagues feel they belong and can achieve their full potential."

Dale Hoskins
Chair, REACH Committee

Our Initiatives:

Employee diversity target: we proposed the adoption of a Company-wide target of 17.5% BAME employees which was approved by the ESG Committee and incorporated into the Company's DE&I Strategy.

Reverse mentoring: working with HR, we launched a pi lot reverse mentoring program that paired Executive Committee members with REACH members to share their experiences within British Land and beyond to foster open and honest conversations and build a more inclusive future.

Blog posts: numerous blog posts on the staff intranet where employees write about their cultural identity to educate the wider business, provide guidance on supporting colleagues (for example, during Ramadan) and connect people from around the business.

Events: included a livestream on 'How to talk to children about race' in collaboration with the Parents & Carers Network; an art exhibition during Black History Month showcasing black artists at York House; Dance and Music festival celebrating South Asian Heritage Month and cultural celebrations throughout the year to acknowledge festivities such as Diwali and Hanukkah.

Committee members

Committee members

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