Sports and Social Committee

Our aims

Our aims

  • To create a Sports and Social Committee that is inclusive, diverse and engaging for all.
  • To plan a range of events that speak to different hobbies and interests to reach all employees and, more importantly, bring people together.
  • To recommend, discuss, review and action inclusive activities and events across the company. Champion our Assets so that employees feel connected to our business.
  • To prioritise health and wellbeing by introducing an ongoing exercise programme that can be accessed by all BL employees.
  • To stand out as a FTSE100 company by creating events where employees can bring their whole selves.

Our achievements

We run multiple sports clubs and events, including bootcamp, football, netball, tennis, touch rugby, squash, yoga, pilates, choir, cookery classes, social hours, theatre/cinema nights and arts and crafts.

Committee members

Sports socail committee

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