Wellbeing Committee


managers will receive Mental Health First Aid training this year, so they’re equipped to recognise the signs of issues and can signpost colleagues for help.

Our vision is of happier and healthier colleagues, with creative communication strategies to ensure people are well-informed about wellbeing, including a benefit information portal.

Our achievements 2021/22

British Land has long provided health related benefits, including private medical insurance, annual health screening and corporate gym membership but alongside that, the Wellbeing Committee have and will continue to do so, enhance employee support and wellbeing through a number of initiatives led by the committee. To date, these include:

  • We created a wellbeing room, where people can rest and recharge
  • Annual wellbeing awareness week
  • Hosted the John O’Halloran Symposium 2019: Positive Mental Health in Property
  • Mental Health First Aid Training for staff within the business across the UK
  • Take to Your Feet Walking Challenge (Every May!)
  • Mindfulness Sessions with Ian Currie
  • Mates In Mind with Stephen Haynes supporting Mental Health Wellbeing
  • Suicide Prevention Strategy for the business
  • Suicide Prevention Training for all staff and contracted staff across our assets
  • Land Aid 10k Run 2022 supporting Physical Wellbeing

We provide an internal network to help promote a workplace that encourages health, happiness and fulfilment. This creates an environment for our colleagues and the business to be at their best.

Alan Barker,
Chair, Wellbeing Committee

Our 2022/23 targets include

  • Understanding what all colleagues’ working environments are like and whether they satisfy requirements.
  • Continue developing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy and working towards a mental health audit.
  • Identifying apps to support wellbeing that can be rolled out to our colleagues
  • Mental Health First Aid Training for staff (30 places this year!)
  • Promote Physical Wellbeing through 'Take to Your Feet' Month in May & LandAid 10K
  • A Focus on Physical Wellbeing & Financial Wellbeing
  • NEOM Sessions for Sleep Therapy and Relaxation
  • Deskercise Sessions with Alex Reid (from September 2022 to January 2023)
  • Collaboration with other Networks to deliver events
  • Teenage Mental Health Support in collaboration with Parents & Carers Network
  • To deliver a suite of tools and advice to all staff for Financial Wellbeing Support
  • To ensure that MHFA is a core training requirement at the point of commencing new contracts with soft services providers across all our UK assets

Committee members

Contact our Committee Chair: alan.barker@thienhaphantranh.net

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