Our requirements of external suppliers

At British Land we value our suppliers and the contribution they make – we rely on their expertise to deliver our business objectives.​

British Land promotes a fair and inclusive process for assessing suppliers prior to any engagement. This is a staged process which allows us to validate credentials before inviting you to provide goods and or services.

British Land seeks to do business with like-minded organisations with strong organisational values that emphasise collaborative partnerships.

To maintain our collaborative ways of working and showcase best practice, we launched our Supplier Excellence Awards in 2022.




Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

We recognise that innovative problem solving is best approached through diversity of thought and that diversity and inclusion are important for a cohesive supply chain. To grow and be resilient for the future, business must drive and, more importantly, lead action in this area. That’s why we’re actively working with our supply chain to accelerate change.

We encourage open dialogue with our suppliers and partners to create an environment where we can learn from each other and promote diversity throughout the supply chain.

During the sourcing process we ask bidders to share with us their approach to diversity and we ask for active examples of inclusive culture and behaviours within their own organisation.

We have hosted a number of supplier events designed to share best practice and exchange business pledges.

British Land’s Diversity and Inclusion Supplier Charter

We are committed to ensuring that:

  1. Our tenders include evaluation of approaches to diversity and inclusion
  2. Our tender assessment panels reflect our organisational values of diversity and inclusion
  3. We notify all Suppliers of the British Land Supplier Code of Conduct on an annual basis
  4. Discrimination in any form is never tolerated
  5. We actively encourage a broad range of inclusive events and welcome suggestions to make our places more diverse and inclusive

We actively aspire to work with Suppliers who:

  1. Have a policy covering diversity and inclusion which is actively promoted across their organisations
  2. Are open to agreeing key performance indicators around diversity and inclusion
  3. Give their employees annual performance reviews, regular diversity and inclusion training and equality of access to career development opportunities

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