Scrip dividend scheme

Our Scrip Dividend Scheme (the 'Scheme') enables participating shareholders to receive new ordinary shares instead of cash, when a Scrip Dividend Alternative is offered for a particular dividend. The Scheme therefore allows shareholders to increase their shareholding in the Company without incurring dealing costs or stamp duty.

Shareholders holding shares in certificated form can elect to join the Scheme by completing the below Scrip Dividend Mandate Form and returning it to our registrars, Equiniti Limited. Shareholders holding shares in uncertificated form can elect to join the Scheme by submitting a CREST Dividend Election Input Message in accordance with the CREST Manual.

The Scrip Dividend Scheme Booklet provides detailed information on the Scheme and how to join. The Booklet can be accessed via the link below, along with information on changes to the Scheme which came into effect in 2010.

Following a change in legislation in December 2010, a Scrip Alternative can now attract Property Income Distribution (PID) treatment. Previously, Scrip Alternatives could only be treated as non-Property Income Distribution (non-PID). This has allowed us to offer a PID Scrip Dividend alternative on occasions when the dividend must be entirely in PID form to meet the Group's REIT obligations. More information on PID and non-PID dividends can be found on the REITs and Dividends page.

Information on dividends that have been announced and dividends that have been paid can be found on the Dividends page. When a Scrip alternative is offered for a particular dividend, details of the deadline for receipt of Scrip Mandates and the dates on which the Scrip calculation price will be set will be announced via the Regulatory News section of the website in a Dividend Declaration announcement. The Scrip Calculation Price will be announced via Regulatory News on the business day following the price setting period.

Past scrip dividend payments


As a result of the introduction of the Scrip Dividend Scheme, we suspended our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). Accordingly, all DRIP measures are automatically suspended.