Responsible choices

We advocate responsible business practices across British Land and throughout our supply chain.

We have a robust governance structure which enables us to make effective decisions, at the right time and based on the right information.

Our key areas of focus are set out below.

Responsible employment

  • Investing in training and professional qualifications.
  • Connecting with our people.
  • Providing a safe working environment.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Improving gender diversity at all levels; maintaining at least 40% female representation on the Board and ensuring at least 40% of senior management are women.
  • Improving ethnic diversity at all levels; maintaining a minimum of two Directors from an ethnic minority background and achieving 17.5% ethnic minority representation across the company by 2025.
  • Making our places more inclusive for everyone.

Responsible procurement

  • Mandatory modern slavery awareness training for British Land staff.
  • Commitment to Real Living Wages.
  • Mandating prompt payment.
  • Responsible procurement standards.

A strong relationship with our suppliers plays a key role in the successful delivery of our strategy which is governed by our Supplier Code of Conduct. This sets out clear social, ethical and environmental obligations for our supply chain and promotes safe and fair working conditions. It is mandatory for all suppliers.


100 %

Of British Land employees paid at least the Real Living Wage



ESG-linked remuneration

Formal Board level remuneration targets incorporate progress against our operational carbon and energy intensity goals for 2030.


We provide clear, comprehensive guidance for employees and suppliers, writing key performance indicators into contracts where appropriate.


External commitments

We are signatories to a number of external commitments to raise performance in our industry and beyond – from the BBP Climate Change Commitment to the UN Global Compact.

External commitments


Through broad engagement, our thinking is shaped by a wide range of perspectives. This helps us deliver outstanding places and positive outcomes for all our stakeholders – Places People Prefer.


Modern Slavery Act Disclosure

British Land upholds the human rights of our employees and supply chain. We have joined forces with leading anti-modern slavery charity, Unseen.

Modern Slavery Act


From net zero carbon to Local Charter, explore the words and phrases in our 2030 sustainability strategy.


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