We support educational initiatives for local people – helping them unlock their potential, developing skills for the future and raising awareness of career opportunities in our sectors.

With awareness of local issues and opportunities, our education programmes range from primary school projects and secondary school workshops to college events and university challenges, along with mentoring, site tours, talks and educational events. These often bring together our customers, suppliers and local partners.

Goal: Impactful education partnerships, benefiting over 80,000 people by 2030.

Progress: 45,450 people have benefited from our education partnerships since 2021.


People have benefited from our education partnerships since 2021

Case study: Young Readers Programme

Our partnership with the National Literacy Trust has been inspiring children to read for pleasure since 2011, working collaboratively with local schools and our customers. It is the largest and longest collaboration between a business and charity to improve literacy in the UK.

Every child taking part gets to choose new books to take home for free. Many of our places also welcome children for fun, literacy-led events, hosted by our customers in retail stores, offices and restaurants. Activities are tailored in each community, including diverse book choices so children see themselves reflected in the stories.

To mark our 10-year partnership, we commissioned research that quantified – for the first time – the economic impact of reading for pleasure. It could support as many as 1.1 million children to gain better GCSEs, boost their lifetime earnings and grow GDP by up to £4.6bn per year within a generation.

Download the Power of Reading for Pleasure Report

Children reached through our Young Readers partnership since 2011

British Land has long championed children’s literacy and we are hugely grateful for their support. Since 2011, our partnership has inspired over 68,000 children from lower income backgrounds to develop a life-changing love of reading.”

Jonathan Douglas CBE,
CEO of the National Literacy Trust

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