We support local training and jobs through Bright Lights, our skills and employment programme, working with customers, suppliers and local partners. Together, we develop skills and empower local people to access opportunities at our places and in our supply chain.

Depending on the place-based situation, employment activities may prioritise youth opportunities, adult skills, long-term jobseekers or other groups. Initiatives include pre-employment training, virtual programmes, mentoring, work placements, graduate schemes, internships and apprenticeships. This all helps secure the skills our business, customers, suppliers and communities need to thrive in the future.

Goal: Impactful employment partnerships, benefiting over 10,000 people with meaningful support by 2030.

Progress: 4,400 people have benefited from our employment and training partnerships since 2021 – with 1,300 successfully securing jobs.

Through our robust approach to reporting, we only count people who receive meaningful – that is, potentially life-enhancing – employment support. Many more individuals enrol or engage in other employment activities at our places, such as job fairs.


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People have benefited from our employment and training partnerships since 2021

Case study: Broadgate Connect

Our Broadgate Connect employment and training partnership with East London Business Alliance (ELBA) connects Broadgate businesses with local talent. It has been helping East Londoners gain fulfilling jobs and apprenticeships in and around Broadgate since 2012, enabling diverse local hiring for our campus customers and suppliers.

New, independent research has revealed that for every £1 invested, Broadgate Connect has generated £39 of economic, social and fiscal value. In its first ten years, the programme has upskilled 839 East Londoners and supported 545 people into jobs. It’s connected 84 employers to a diverse local talent pipeline, supporting their sustained commercial success and their own social goals.

A decade of Broadgate Connect
£ 10 m

of economic value generated in the first decade of Broadgate Connect

I hope that London’s businesses can look to this model and see that investing in skills and wrap-around employment support will provide benefits to them, as well as adding significant value to the economy.”

Rajesh Agrawal,
Deputy Mayor for Business, Greater London Authority (GLA)

Case study: Recruitment & Skills Partnership

Our Bright Lights relationship with Capital City Partnership, at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh, has been helping retailers sustain their businesses and supporting people who face barriers into employment since 2013.

In 2023, our partnership had a focus on developing the skills and resilience of candidates facing soaring living costs. 157 people received employment training and support, with 140 moving into employment as a result of our support. Capital City Partnership also ran an Employer Fund to support small businesses to respond to economic uncertainty and have launched a Proud to Care campaign to support the recruitment crisis in care.


People supported into employment through our partnership at Fort Kinnaird in 2023

The reason our recruitment and skills partnership works so well is because there’s a real family feel at Fort Kinnaird, providing a safe environment for candidates. It’s a launchpad for a lifetime.”

Rona Hunter
of Capital City Partnership

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